Ban Gore Vidal SoSoon

The Alabama legislature has brought up banning gay authors in their schools again. Oh, Alabama, what’s wrong with yawl?


The Alabama quarter celebrates a deafblind woman. That’s right. Helen Keller is on the Alabama quarter.

A woman that learned how to read and write in spite of being from Alabama. Amazing.
Sorry, that was cheap. That wasn’t out of line as much as it was easy. I’m ashamed. Kind of.

Anyway, that news story made me think of this quote from Gore Vidal about Tennessee Williams’ not writing about the ‘gay experience’:

“The confusion that there are two teams – one good, straight; one bad, gay – is not helped by reversing the adjectives. It is the virtue of a great writer like Tennessee to know that there is only one team, the human, and the rest is politics.”
Gore Vidal, Sexually Speaking, Collected Sex Writings

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