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I have new headshots. My mother is a talented photographer. She took 2 billion photos of me. One billion of which I was making a grimace or rolling my eyes. Now I’m forced to go through all of them…that’s what I get for being a snot.

Speaking of which…I got an email:


Alright, maybe you are so cool. But I seriously think you should stop
selling those t-shirts.

It’s not that they are hard to look at, that is a nice photograph and all.
But they made me think you are a folk singer, and I was diappointed when I
could not download any MP3s.

Okay, I can take that. I’ve always wanted to be a folksinger….*SIGH*

I need to work on this anyway. Merchandise is very important. Why? Because comic’s pay rates haven’t increased since the boom in the ’80’s. And no one paid $3 a gallon back then. So any ideas on what you would like to buy after a comedy show? Any artists that want to have their work out there?

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  1. Ben

    $3 a gallon?!
    Damnit. We need to invade some more shit, my gallons cost me about $8 of your strange currency.


    I’m god damned outraged!!!

    (Thus three exclamation points.)

  2. Tina D.

    Ben, if I could rent a car that ran on water – I would do it in a second. Im starting to think the more expensive US gas is the less Hummers will be on the road. That’s a good thing. I wasnt bitching about the price of gas – I was bitching about my pay. The cost of living has skyrocketed since 1986 and the pay for my position is the same.

  3. indeteminacy

    How about an audio version of your blog on CD? “Best of the Blog” or something like that? Play with the medium a bit. You could make some of the humor trying to express things that have to be seen.

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