Ashlee – My Darling Ashlee

Poor Ashlee Simpson! If you had just been a couple years earlier. If you had road the coattails of your dim wit sister four years ago – before American Idol. Maybe the general public wouldnt have cared that you have no talent. American’s didnt care that Tiffany didnt write her own music or carry a note. Actually, we would have preferred to have her lip-sync. Now because of the years of watching Simon kill the dreams of aspiring singers even a bunch of drunken football fans think they can judge music now too. Think of it, these are the same people that put money on The Bud Bowl – now theyre booing you.

Don’t worry Ashlee – no matter how many times you totally screw up in public – you’ll always be my Frank Stallone.Frank Stallone

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  1. dave

    Joey Travolta would like to speak with you. He is Frank Stallone’s Frank Stallone. Vicarious love is a fickle thing.

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