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People usually assume they know my political leanings. *wink* *wink* So obvious. You’re a (fill-in-the-blank).

Nope. I’m certainly not. I am a humorist. Humor is the opposite of partisan. If you are partisan humorist then you are a pundit – not a humorist. I think humor is the great equalizer. I think BOTH and ALL sides deserve to be poked fun at.

Do I think I get a bunch of right-wing readers subscribing to my blog? Perhaps. I subscribe to theirs. Do I think a bunch of left-wing readers subscribe to my blog? In a perfect world they would take some ribbing too.

What is my point of view? What are my convictions?


I’ll explain: The first season of The Simple Life. Perfect title for the show. Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie (simpletons) spend some time living with people in the rural south (also simpletons). Neither of the parties are a bit curious as to what is like to be the other people. They both have contempt for things they know nothing about. They both have never thought their lives were anything other than the only way to live. They were polar opposites yet SO MUCH ALIKE. Simple. Ignorant. Okay with it.

Imagine Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie symbolizing what everyone thinks of the left or blue states: Decadent – loose – self-obsessed. And the family they stayed with symbolizing what everyone thinks about the right or red states: Small minded – uptight – self-righteous. There they were at the dining room table, staring at each other. Neither of them caring to understand or empathize or inquire about the other’s plight.

That’s on the screen. At home you have the people that think Paris Hilton is a disgusting spoiled rich girl and she’s staying with nice decent people. And then there were the people that think she is hot and the family is a bunch of low life red necks.

What team to I root for? Where are my leanings? I’m the person that TiVoed the train wreck, because I can’t help myself. I’m sitting on my couch, thinking to myself,”Well, all of you suck. One of you has to suck less than the other – but that changes from minute to minute.”

And there you have where I stand on politics.

But don’t get me wrong. This is NOT an anthem of the apathetic or of the apolitical. Not at all. I am a political enthusiast. I’m staying tuned.

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