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I subscribe to the AFA Action Alerts because it’s good to read what the squeaky wheels have to say.


While the moderates grumble and then go see who they know on AFA members call their representatives. They write letters to CEOs. They get their big collective ‘wagging finger of shame’ and stick it in the faces of people whose jobs it is to LISTEN.

Their newest?

The gay games are supported and endorsed by dozens of homosexual activist groups and organizations, including homosexual magazines and television outlets.

Tell Kraft to drop their corporate sponsorship of the 2006 Gay Games in Chicago.

Kraft foods? That all American conglomerate under the umbrella of Phillip Morris? Yes. Call them. Tell them to sponsor more wholesome activities like sporting events where real men hang out with other real men and watch real men play with each other. This untainted corporation that makes America’s favorite Mac and Cheese shouldn’t advertise at gay events. They should just stick to making cigarettes and Velveeta. It’s what’s best for the country.

If you don’t like the way people live, don’t hang out with them. Disown them. Pray for them. Kick them out of your church. Pass laws so they can’t adopt children. Try to ban their art work. Deny them unions with their lovers. Vilify them with a disease. Kick them out of the boy scouts. Discharge them from the military. Boycott their cartoon figures. Bash them over the head with scripture straight from the mouth of your loving God. But take away their corporate endorsements? Now you’re just being pricks.

I’m serious. Is there is no other group around that is still fashionable enough to pick on? Guess not.

The AFA doesn’t like anyone that isn’t in lock step with them. That means Muslims, Jews, Gays, those that think religion is personal and not a political platform – all out of step! So if you aren’t with them – in this juvenile way of seeing the world – you are against them. So why are they coming down on gays and not these other groups? Why the gays? Because homosexuality is a choice? So is being Muslim. Because homosexuality is a sin? So is gluttony – I don’t see any AFA action alerts for all-you-can-eat buffets.

Actually, that’s a pretty funny idea. If you know of anyone that’s not in the Christian Right and doesn’t have to work for a living. Send me an email. I have something for them to do during the day.

So calling huge corporations and telling them not to associate with gays is going to accomplish what? Is it going to keep the events from taking place? No. Will it convert some homos to the dark side? Probably not. Will it make anyone treat their fellow human beings with more dignity than they did before? Not likely. So why?

The flippant answer is fear. I think it’s GREED.

Homosexuality generates CASH for the AFA. It generates attention and packs people into churches and empties their wallets. Hell, it wins elections. If it wasn’t for homosexuals the Christian Right, would still be a fringe movement, committed to their street corners ranting gibberish we’d all cross the street to avoid.

That’s right! Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Dr. James Dobson, the AFA all you folks – you need to write a nice thank you card to homosexual activists. Gays and lesbians wanting to settle down and live in the suburbs have made you rich.

My point is not that the AFA is WRONG for constantly demonizing their fellow citizens (you know, people that have a right to live here free too). It’s that they are UNGRATEFUL for all those that helped them get where they are.

Everyone knows this trick. And you don’t even have to be STRAIGHT to use it. David Drier (rep. California) has an 80% approval rating from the Christian Right. His ‘chief-of-staff’ is his GAY LOVER. Then there is the more recent Mayor James West of Spokane.

West, a longtime opponent of gay rights, has denied those allegations, but he has acknowledged seeking dates on

Ingrates! As I’m pretty sure Hallmark isn’t prepared for your particular faux pas. I will give my suggestion for a template:

Dear gay rights groups,

Thank you for giving us wealth and fame.
We needed someone to blame.
Hating you has given us victory.
Scapegoating has a very long history.
Sorry for all the hurt we’ve caused
Accept this apology from men of ‘God’.

In brotherly love,
James Dobson
Jerry Falwell
Pat Robertson
and the jerk off from

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  1. Vector

    I’m not familiar with AFA. Do they wear funny hats? They sound like people who would like to wear funny hats.

    There would be also a lot of things to be said about their logo, but nevermind.

    I like your card template especially ‘In Brotherly Love’ cracks me up 😀

  2. pete

    And yet again I turn you back on to and its in the blog, just admit it to the world… I am your MUSE.

    I think a special dedication some pics, maybe a little rap music, a web shrine would be most appropriate…

    Anyways good post outside of that, liked the humor.

    Peace out mutherfucker

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