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Newsweek has damaged the US’ image?!?


I thought it was the Bush Administration. I was wrong? You mean it’s a weekly journal’s fault? That’s why they hate us? I’m so relieved. I thought it was the whole Christian cowboy talking about a crusade that made Muslims upset. So it wasn’t that preemptive strike under false pretenses WAR – or the homo erotic pictures from Abu Ghraib – it was JUST a magazine.

White House spokesman Scott McClellan told reporters that Newsweek had an obligation to help reverse the effects of its report.

“There has been some lasting damage that has been done to our image… and it’s going to take some work to repair that damage,” Mr McClellan said. (full story)

This makes everything so much easier. I no longer have to tell people from other countries that I’m Canadian? I can just tell them that I don’t subscribe to Newsweek.

I don’t support a magazine that single-handedly RUINED my country’s image.

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  1. Vector

    Oh yeah, it’s guilty as hell, if you take the letters and do the math it sums up 69, it’s evil and perverted! Only way to repair that lasting damage to the good image is to publish more Playboy and Hustler. With extra centrefolds.

    It’s also a kind of a wussy name – Newsweek. It’s not good to have anything weak in your name. Quite right that they spank it hard.

  2. pete

    You’re a dirty dirty Commie. America love it or retract it! Don’t make me flush your big book of sarcasm down the toilet and ruin Canada’s image too.
    Good post, nice to see you back on your political high horse:)
    Peace, love, war,

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