I need it bad!

Okay, I promise the comedy will be back soon. I need a break from all the sad crap in my life. YOU GUYS need a break from all the sad crap in my life.

I was talking to my friend today. Here’s the gist of the conversation:

Me: “I feel like there is this heavy weight on me – like I can’t breath.”

Friend: “You are leaving the house?”

Me: “Yeah. I’m leaving the house…I left yesterday. I need to go on a Dave Chappelle.”

Friend: “Oh shit – is that in our lexicon now?”

Me: “It is now. I said his name and you knew what I was talking about. The phrase perfectly communicated an idea. Done. It’s in our lexicon.”

A ‘Dave Chappelle’ is a spiritual sabbatical. Which beats the hell out of an OJ Simpson, a Rodney King or a Michael Jackson. Basically its a black man’s name that isn’t something violent or depraved. Dr. King would be proud.

And I think we can all agree that once a term goes black – it never goes back.

So, I totally need to go on a Dave Chappelle.


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  1. indeterminacy

    I’d recommend you take a few Sholem Aleichem books with you on your Dave Chappelle. I find his style can be immensely uplifting. Often the stories he tells are tragic, but inspirational at the same time. You find yourself laughing through the tears.

    I’ve read mostly translations in German (from the Yiddish), but you surely should be able to find something in English. I’m guessing at what the titles would be, based on the German versions I have:

    Tevje the Milkman
    The Cantor’s Son
    The Letters of Menachem Mendel
    The New Kasrilevke (novella)
    Marienbad (you can’t get anymore madcap than this)

    This is divine humor.

  2. Tina D.

    I WISH I could go on a Dave Chappelle. I have to stick to it. I’m trying to plan for a couple of days on the couch with a Twilight Zone marathon…but who knows when I’ll get time for that.

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