Oh December Time

My gift to you this season:


Oh December Time, Oh December Time
The lack of sunshine kills me

In order for this poem to rhyme
I have to make fun of the GOP

They’re on their soapbox more and more
Now they’re boycotting a bunch of stores

“It is the birth of Christ, that you should adore”
Even if He was born in the Spring

Oh December Time, Oh December Time
I can’t pay for heating

In order to save a dime
I’m not buying anything!

The price of gas has made me poor
And execs profit more and more

I think its time we evened the score
Can you say,”Correctional facility?”

Oh December Time, Oh December Time
Every year its misery

Oh December Time, Oh December Time

I have to see my family

I moved away and I was fine
But I can’t escape heredity

It’s medication that is called for
It’s the fighting and crying I abhor

With a drunken recap of family lore
I deserve your sympathy

Oh December Time, Oh December Time
My relatives are all crazy

Oh December Time, Oh December Time
I can’t wait for January…

Happy Holidays from The Sardonic Sideshow!


5 Comments Oh December Time

  1. Homo Insapiens

    Great lyrics! They really work with Wagner’s ‘Flight of the Valkyries’ and the guys down at Big Bubba’s Bait Shop and Bar are adding them to the Christmas concert and hold ’em poker tableau!

    Merry Christmas to you (at the risk of violating the UN Charter on Human Rights, being sued by the ACLU, offending the Iranian Government or giving aid and comfort to Reverend Falwell.)

  2. reverend gisher

    reading your song, i was feeling all warm and fuzzy, just like christmas night back when me and my three brothers had to sleep in that little tiny twin bed because we was white-trash poor. funny the warm part was because i peed myself, which was just like what used to happen to me in the twin bed. maybe that’s why they made me sleep on the cold floor. hadn’t figured out the fuzzy part yet, and that’s starting to worry me.

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