Dear Tina,

Is psychiatry bad like Tom Cruise and L. Ron Hubbard say? Please advise.

Curious in Peoria

Dear Curious,

You know who hates psychiatry more than anything? Psychiatric patients.

Think about it Curious, would you ask someone with a mouth full of rotting teeth what they think about dentistry? Would you take their opinion to heart regardless of how many books they’ve read on the subject? Nope.

Since, no one in their right mind goes to see a psychiatrist. It is easy to have reports of them being connected to the CIA, the Alien Conspiracy and fluorinated water (those and a host of other plots that an aluminum hat will take care of).

So you may want to consider the source before dismissing an entire discipline.

Besides an industry that stopped giving lobotomies 50 years ago, can’t be all bad.


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  1. Rowan

    That is one of the best sites I’ve seen yet describing the lunacy of Scientology. It’s amazing to me that anyone buys this crap. Including increasingly-bizarre Tom Cruise, who otherwise seems like an intelligent human being. Crazy!

  2. Matt

    Tom Cruise’s seriousness is directly tied to his facial hair… Unless he has a full beard, he’s half off his rocker. =)

    I never really got Hubbard… Then again, did ANYONE ever get him?

  3. Tina D.

    Facial hair…interesting theory.

    L. Ron is the Tupac of literature – he’s been dead for YEARS but is still publishing books.

  4. Matt

    It’s all the truth. Hair = seriousness and intelligence.

    What is Tupac?

    Four beers short of a six-pac


  5. Tina D.

    Tupac was a rapper that was killed, yet he kept on releasing ablums for the longest time.

    Isnt there some biblical story about hair and strength? I get that story confused with Achilles. Anyone? Just me?

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