We care, we really do


I was watching television and there was an ad about support for quitting smoking of the Phillips Morris website. A cigarette company cares about you and wants to help you quit using their product.

It’s like your crack dealer giving you a referral for a rehab. Right?

Then there are the new ads from Sam’s Club (aka Elite Wal-Mart). The ads reach out to ‘the backbone of the economy’ small businesses.

Wal-Mart eats small businesses for their whole sale price cut breakfasts.
This is like if someone bought your house up behind your back, charged you rent at a 50% price hike and then gave you a 10% discount because ‘they care’.

McDonald’s has a personal trainer on their website. He’s not even a cartoon. They are supporting a healthy lifestyle. See, they care too.

Making money is making money. We all know that corporations are soulless, godless, legally bullet-proof entities. The provide goods and services that we need/want. I DON’T CARE IF CORPORATIONS CARE. It’s not a corporation’s job to care. That used to be the job of the church (that was before they got into politics). Corporations are supposed to make money.

My point: A pimp that calls himself an entrepreneur is STILL a pimp!

But since I enjoy being lied to (i.e. “Your ass looks so small in those jeans!”) as much as the next person, I have some suggestions for other companies to show they care:






Spread the love soulless giants. Spread the love.

6 Comments We care, we really do

  1. Brian D.

    Corporations can be really funny, can’t they? Oh well!

    Just came across you blog through Blog explosion. And so far im really enjoying it. Been here a lot longer than the normal 30 secs and that requires alot these days. Keep up the good work. I can’t wait to read more.

  2. Abby Taylor

    I’ve tried the Krispy Kreme Doughnut Weight Loss Program. The weight training involves a graduated program of increasing resistance… first the one pound crullers, then the five pound crullers, then the ten pound and so on.

  3. Cynikell

    I was once watching an interview with Bill Clinton on Larry King. When they cut to commercial, the announcer said, “Sponsored by Hummer.”

    I had to be scraped off the floor and given oxygen.

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