What Would Jesus Do?

I think it’s pretty safe to say that Jesus cannot be called pro-crucifixion.
Romanian priest unrepentant after crucifixion of nun
TANACU, Romania (AFP) – A Romanian Orthodox priest, facing charges for ordering the crucifixion of a young nun because she was “possessed by the devil,” was unrepentant as he celebrated a funeral ceremony for his alleged victim.

Apparently, burning at the stake was too modern a concept for this priest.


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  1. CW Fisher

    Crucifixion, as the members of this monastery undoubtedly knew, is the slowest way to a tortured death ever devised, using gravity to gradually suffocate the victim whose muscles fight with dwindling oxygen to push the shoulders higher than the hands so the diaphragm can do its work.

    For crucifixtion to be administered as a method of demon exorcism from a member of a Christian monstery by her Christian brothers and sisters is murder not only of the nun, but the remurder of Christ, the Gospels, and all Comedy.

    Jesus Christ, is nothing holy? Religion needs a do over. The old stories aren’t making it anymore. They’re too easy to misinterpret. It’s time to digitize God in our own image.

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