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Dear Tina,

I have a crush on this guy in my lit class. How can I get him to notice me?

Desperate in Dallas

Dear Desperate,

Two words: Self-immolation

He’ll notice you.

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  1. Abby Taylor

    My friend’s cousin’s girlfriend’s brother’s aunt’s stepdaughter read your column and tried this yesterday in school to get a boy to notice her. The aunt’s attorney will be contacting you shortly.

    Tsk, tsk, tsk.

    Jokes are funny until someone gets burned, eh?

    But as a side note, the boy is by her hospital bed in the burn unit day and night now, so your advice was right-on! They might go out in a few months once the bandages come off.

  2. Mark Alread

    The problem with that advice is this time of year in Dallas you cant tell the difference between self-immolation and spontaneous combustion from the heat.

  3. dave

    there’s no such thing as “a nice little lawsuit.”
    but if i were representing you, we’d march on a road of bones….

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