The Buck Shot Stops Here

Dick Cheney shot a 78 year old Texas lawyer in a hunting mishap.

-See, if he would have served in Vietnam, he might not have missed.

-He’s going to go ‘hunting’ with Patrick Leahy next week.

-Bush says Cheney did a ‘heck of a job’.

-This is the LEAST amount of harm the administration has done to the health of seniors.

-Guns don’t kill people…Veeps kill people.

Eh, that’s all I got…

If there was a God, the accident would have been caught on tape. But alas…

1 Comment The Buck Shot Stops Here

  1. mark perrier

    yes i’m a cousin of phil, from mn of course

    i thought scalia was the veeps hunting buddy? would’nt that have been a fun weekend if dick got a twofer?

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