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Harriet Miers has withdrawn her nomination. So when we as Americans looked at her ‘qualifications’ and asked,”Are they kidding?”

The answer is – YES.

Nevermind. It was a grand experiment. Just wanted to see what you thought. We weren’t serious.

McClellan said Bush is deeply disappointed with the process. I have to say that I too, am deeply disappointed.

The Miers Nomination brought this country together. That’s right. Conservatives and liberals were agreeing on something. When it came to this Supreme Court nomination, there were no longer ‘Democratic’ squawking heads or ‘Republican’ squawking heads – they were just American Squawking heads.

The previously embattled partisans glanced over at the other side and saw common ground: None of them wanted Harriet Miers on the Supreme Court.

Buying the world a Coke won’t induce perfect harmony – it’s having a couple more incompetent cronies staring at some senatorial hearings, that will bring the political sparring to an end.

Just as an example: This is the first time I have EVER agreed with anything Anne Coulter has ever said! It kind of scares me to think about. It almost humanized her in my mind. Instead of seeing her as a creepy, bleached, extremist banshee, as I usually do. My agreeing with her about Harriet’s nomination, made me think that Anne Coulter was maybe just an amusing banshee. Talk about extreme! It’s all due to Bush’s nomination. I have Harriet Miers to thank for a new open-mindedness.

But now that is all gone. It’s over. Never again will we have a nominee that we can dislike so equally and so completely. Now we are going to have a nominee that one party likes. It’s going to go back to normal. That brief unity will go down in the history books. We’ll tell our children about it. They will have a hard time believing us. So it will make us embellish and further romanticize the event. Like we tend to do about the Clinton Administration and grunge music.

I am also deeply disappointed that we, as a nation, were robbed of the Miers hearings. It was so close, you could almost TASTE the blood. But alas, we will not see it. We will not TiVo CSPAN. We will not have our office water coolers to look forward to. We will not get the pleasure of seeing a completely incompetent friend of George W. Bush’s go down in mass of flames and scandal.

I’m just kidding. Karl Rove, Dick Cheney and Scooter Libby aren’t incompetent.

But again, none of them possess the charm of Harriet. Harriet Miers was across the spectrum, a bad choice. Harriet Miers was truly, a uniter not a divider. And now with the announcement of her withdrawal – it’s gone. It may never return.

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  1. Abby Taylor

    Funny stuff. We will not TiVo CSPAN. haha

    I was very much looking forward to the hearings. I thought it would be like a Jeopardy show where you end up feeling sorry for the player who goes negative early and then can’t proceed to the next round.

  2. Brian Dowell

    I think, if Bush really wants to make his “right wing base” happy, he should nominate the two creepily hot 13 year old Prussian Blue twins to the Supreme Court.

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