Douche Bags

Our first recipients:

God is NOT talking to you guys! God is not sitting around talking to opportunistic creeps about how best to polarize people to your own advantage. The voices you hear are the deafening bellow of your own GREED. If that is God’s thing, you know chit chat with folks he likes. He talks to cool people like the late Johnny Cash. Not you stumps!

Who were the first people that talked about how they live with terrorism after September 11th? The Israelis? Nope. The people working at abortion clinics had tons of experience living under constant threat. Where were these threats coming from? Muslim extremists? Nope. It was from you guys and your cronies.

For denouncing terrorism and encouraging it at the same time, for vilifying cartoons, for capitalizing on fear and other douche baggery behavior. You have been awarded The Sardonic Sideshow’s Douche Bag Award.

Check back later for more awards…

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