Little Ol’ Me?

I won first place in the BrooWaha writing contest! I’m honored – I’m humbled. I’m horrible at this kind of stuff. I’m fighting the urge to make Marrissa Tomei jokes in the comments section.
Anyway, here is a quote from one of the judges:

” Easy to relate to the writer. [S]he takes you into a situation that most people try to avoid — but because [s]he makes fun of it — you know [s]he isn’t crazy h[er]self…”– David Cohn, Editor at NewAssignment.Net

Because she makes fun of it – you know she isn’t crazy herself? HA! If ONLY it were that easy.

Thanks all!

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  1. timeteo

    who you people gonna hate when all the christians are dead…Jesus?- guess you will be happy and outta of a job at that point huh? …well I can’t say I like Tucker carlson all that much anyway..have you ever considered moving abroad..maybe you would prefer a different dictatorship..after all ours is pretty bad you know… seriously have you really ever read the new testament? Because no matter what you say despite how stupid assed his followers can be (and I am one) nobody will ever stack up to jesus

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