Two Year Anniversary!


Okay, so I am a little late. I set up a Blogger account early Aug. 2003. So it’s passed due to celebrate two years of The Sardonic Sideshow.

Oh, the memories…most I can’t actually recall because I lost all the comments when I moved to wordpress early this year.

Two years as a blogger. And yes, I’m still a blogger. ‘An editor of an online magazine’ would mean I would have to do quality research and run spell check.

Nope, this is a blog, the rawest form of publication save graffiti!


“You’re a really good comic for a web programmer.” – Jay at

In the world of stand up comedy I am a baby. Everyone will tell you it takes 10 years to figure out what you are doing on stage. In the world of blogging, I’m middle aged to ancient. If you maintain a site for over a year, you’re viewed as ‘stable’. Try to cope with those distinctions. Go on try. Take my word for it, it’s an irritating balancing act. It often feels like being the dumbest kid in gifted classes. You can be pretentious and humbled at the same time!

So for the two year anniversary, I invite you to have a seat, sift through the archives, leave a comment and ENJOY.

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