Send Out a Memo

Okay, I really could care less if you want to advertise your beliefs on your car. I don’t care if you have bumper stickers for candidate. I don’t care if you have some quirky platitude about random acts of kindness. I don’t care if you want to put a sticker of Calvin peeing on something. Really – I’m all for self-expression. Go on – express!


Really? It’s like in case someone didn’t know that the fish was a Christian symbol – in order to spell it out – there’s a holy cross for the eye?!

It makes it look like a dead fish.

Exhibit A:


I might be over thinking it – I have considered that it could be some ironic hipster thing. Because I’m an optimist. And I often think the smartest of people until I am inevitably proven wrong.

It was not intended to be the trucker hat of bumper stickers.

The funny thing is: Christians have told me (over and over again) that I am offensive to them. My work. My humor. Me as a person. Is offensive to some Christians.

But a sticker that looks like a dead fish? Naw. Perfect gift idea!