Pop ups

This is so weird. The only person that was ALSO getting a pop up ad was my cousin.

So the pop up ad apparently only targeted flat-chested, Cajun, slightly nerdy, book-worm, blond chicks with a dark sense of humor.

Even weirder, she’s only my cousin through marriage.

Deleted some code. Fixed it! Thanks guys!

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  1. center

    Well, I got it too.. sort of.

    I wouldn’t call it a pop-up in the traditional sense, as it’s not a separate browser window. . when I open it in Firefox. It seems to be trying to open as one of these java-based in-browser windows. Of course my pop-up blocker also seems to be doing something and I don’t see the content.

    I tested and opened your blog in IE, and got a popup window for vonage. I did this more than once and got vonage ads both times.

  2. Raj

    I get pop-ups periodically from your site. I turned off my pop-up blocker just now and got an ad for Vonage. You can get pop-ups if there is adware on the system that’s viewing the web page. But I have Norton anti-virus which is supposed to detect and block Adware/Spyware. I ran an Anti-Adware program just now and my system looks clean except for a bunch of tracking cookies. The most probable cause is a script that loads a pop up in one of your web pages.

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