I know you been waiting for this – just aching to buy crap to support this site and its sole contributer. I know. You’ve had to wait too long.

Now the time has come, and well – it’s nothing like you thought it would be. Not better or worse, just different.

New Tina T-Shirts!


Only $22 with shipping included (inside the US) GO HERE TO BUY IT!

With original artwork by Ignacius Dedd the creator of Dead Guy. The Cartoon.

Two sided – 100% cotton – non-Cafe Press – T-shirts.

Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries…apologies.

All proceeds go to a wonderful cause…buying me a second hand lap top off Ebay. Yeah, you could give money to Katrina victims, but they could already HAVE a second hand laptop. Do you want that on your conscience? Do you?