Bye Bye Miss 2005

Here’s a poll for you dear readers:

What was your favorite story or event of 2005?

Most outrageous? Shocking? Coolest ever? Best for jokes? What do you have?

I’m partial to the giant squid finally caught on tape, myself.

This is for a reader’s highlights post. The comments are open for any ideas.


5 Comments Bye Bye Miss 2005

  1. Cynikell

    Ooooo Me!! ME!! Pick me!!!!

    This year has been off the charts it terms of over-the-top, can’t-make-this-shit-up-if-we-tried outrage and horror… but the story that has riveted me has been, hands down, the birth of the baby panda at the National Zoo, Tai Shan.

    The PandaCam has helped me through many a tedious conference call. And I think that I am personally responsible for at least 5,000 of the votes cast for his name.

  2. paulsen

    Miss 2005 can go, and be gone. This year has not been one of my best. I think I will act like this year never existed. 2006 better be a hit.

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