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Okay, dear readers, you asked these and now a post where I answer them:

Q. tina, why do worms have no feet?

Simple. They don’t want to appear as slimy as Geraldo.

If I had the power of at-will evolution – oh how different from him I would be!

Q. Is it true what they say about stand up comics?

It could not be true what they say about comics. Unlike politicians, it’s probably true what comics say about themselves.

As in:
-I did inhale.
-I am drunk right now.
-Without Karl Rove I would be NOTHING.

Q. How many more years of Bush do we have?

Ah man, I’m I humorist not an oracle!

Maybe the ghost of Lincoln weeping for his country will finally get to Mr. W and he’ll move out of the White House. Guess who sleeps with Boise headphones on?


Maybe a Gap dress clad intern could help us out.

Otherwise it looks like 3 years. Which means my job is set on auto-pilot for a while.

Thanks all!


7 Comments Asked Questions

  1. reverend gisher

    I am hearing music and news, I think I have completely lost my mind. Either that or I turned the volume up on my laptop.

    Off the wall brilliant stuff here. But don’t refer to that in any of your advertising because come dinner time, I will be in a rubber room.

  2. indeteminacy

    What do you mean back? I never left! Just any kind of impeachment would be nice. If it were retroactive, it would nullify all the decisions and appointments that were made (I’d assume).

    I run a sporadic “impeach bush” statistic in google, and there was a sudden surge this morning:

    Google hits for “impeach bush”
    01.11.2005: 1,880,000
    08.11.2005: 1,380,000
    11.11.2005: 1,860,000
    15.11.2005: 1,630,000
    17.11.2005: 3,660,000

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