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So my week has been pretty nuts. When I write posts these days, I give first crack to the newspapers and then I post them here. Sorry, dear readers, you get second hand ha ha here.

Maybe it’s because they pay better…hint hint hint.

Anyway, this is another installment of The Sardonic Sideshow’s FAQ. You put a question in the comment area, I use those for a post next week.

See how creative you can be when you’re lazy?


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  1. reverend gisher

    dear tina,
    today i read abby’s post on dating libby. i found myself turned on by the account. then i flew into a jealous rage. do you think it was penis envy, my god that libby is a stud, or do you think i secretly want to lick abby’s shoes while she spanks me,and says faster ricardo, or am I just another closeted gay neocon? or is it something else?please help me, before i do something desparate, like joining the john birch society.

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