Lewiston, ID


My 2nd hand laptop has blown up. Not like smoking, sparks – cool blow up. Just frozen, spittle – bye bye laptop.

So I’m blogging from the good old reliable cell phone key pad. Hard core.

Oh and by the way…I’m being spammed in the comments so bad that I accidentally deleted a TON of real comments. Sorry guys.

Anyway, I’m in Idaho…and the only thing on television that isn’t a maudlin reality show is a couple of Sandra Bullock movies.

Man I’m bummed about the blown laptop…

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  1. Kabooke Quantum Fighter

    Ms tina d. sup gurrrl? long time no visit. on the road again i sees. hey, is your tour stuff online anywhere, like audio or video format – id be kool to check it out. anyway just wanted to holla at you n see wazaaa.

    eZ now;

  2. CW Fisher

    Hi, Tina. I feel deeply for your loss, having been there myself. I’ve since learned there are many ways a laptop can break a heart. They can either a) get stolen, b) go into a coma or c) get run over. Basically those are your three fates. And the running over is almost never an accident. That’s why smart people, like you, buy them prestolen and presumably fixed laptops, ready to continue the neverending cycle, forcing us to distrust the physical world, trusting instead the cyberworld to store our precious thoughts until such time as that changes. Different issue.

    My dear, here’s what I suggest. Use this opportunity to go voice. Phones are for broadcasting, not typing. It works for now. But I’d think you’d be perfect for sound, Tina. Or video. Hell, use your phone, make a video, post it.

    Clever of you, by the way, to place that picture of you in the sidebar while a guy’s trying to type. For a girl that claims to be so out of shape you look pretty good to us.

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