Frozen Tundra or the Big Chill of ’06

It is currently 2 degrees outside. Snow is in the forecast for tomorrow. It’s supposed to get down to -9 or so…Icy snowy ‘wintery mix’.

I may get stuck here. Where am I? Bozeman…Bozeman, MT. My cell phone doesn’t work. My entire computer didn’t blow up…just my wifi card. So this is the first time I can actually post and check my email. Rough.

Everyone that lives is Bozeman is named Chad or Madison. They are all hunky and sturdy 24 year olds. The entire town. That’s it. White and good looking and named Chad: Bozeman. I could do their tourist campaign.

A girl after the show asked where our tour bus is. “You guys don’t go around in some tricked out RV, HumVee…somthing?”

“You watch too much VHI. We’re chilling in a Dodge Neon, dude.” I informed her. “That’s a reality show. This is just reality…”

And reality is that I may not be able to continue this tour. Maybe its Mother Nature saving me from myself…

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