Fred Thompson is Campaigning as Matlock

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox claims George W. Bush is afraid of horses. Bush’s Crawford, Texas, ranch is reportedly “equestrian-free.” It’s a little shocking. It’s kind of funny. But more than that it adds to my theory that Bush has contempt for anything smart and hardworking (see Valerie Plame and U.S. Armed Forces). Really? He… Continue reading

For Richer, Not for Poorer

It’s pretty safe to say that gay marriage is getting more presidential candidate support now than in any other time in our nation’s history. There’s former Alaska Sen. Mike Gravel, Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich…okay, there’s two. You can’t accuse Kucinich of just playing to his vegan base to get the nomination. This time, he’s branching… Continue reading

Jesus wants you to read this blog…

You what we need in this country? Some extremist Hindus. There would be militants murdering ranchers and monkey wrenching slaughter houses. They could high jack elections with their vegetarian agendas. “We’re voting for moral values, every cow is precious!” They could have protests about teaching reincarnation in the public schools. “You can’t teach-a without Shiva!”… Continue reading

Jokes and More Jokes

USA Today reported that since the release of Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ. Jesus is now finally more popular than The Beatles. Urban Outfitters offering controversial retro 70’s t-shirt with slogan,”Voting is for old people.” Because of the success of the shirt, Urban Outfitters is to release more politically apathetic slogans including: “Reading… Continue reading