What People Are Saying

“Does anyone know what this filthy whore is even talking about?” –Pastor Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church.

“Another strong—and often very amusing—new voice emerging from the media on the Left is Tina Dupuy, the managing editor of the mighty Crooks and Liars blog. She’s a powerful and persuasive writer and a sometime stand-up comic. Dupuy gave a fascinating firsthand description of what she saw the other night when Occupy Los Angeles—the largest of all the encampments—was evicted, when she was on Sam Seder’s Majority Report yesterday. I’m glad this woman is out there on the frontlines. Tina Dupuy could be another Rachel Maddow. It can’t be long until Current TV or MSNBC snaps her up (Or The Daily Show for that matter. They could use a real Lefty…)” –Richard Metzger at Dangerous Minds

“In her column ‘Rites versus rights’ in Monday’s Banner, Tina Dupuy sets herself up as a self-appointed pope of opinion.” –Lorna Cheriton‘s Letter to the Editor

“Heart-felt first-person account of what it means to be working poor in America, inspired by some of Newt Gingrich’s campaign utterances. Rather than it being the working poor who are federally subsidized, Dupuy argues, it is their underpaying employers who are getting a free ride on the taxpayers. It’s ‘wealthy janitors,’ she says, who are Gingrich’s true ‘invented people.'” -Judges at 54th annual LA Press Club Awards for first place winning essay, “Confessions of a Child Janitor.”

“My local newspaper carries an editorial authored by you every Friday. You are a gifted writer. You are clever, witty, passionate and extremely articulate. I enjoy reading your editorial each week mostly because of your youthful style. That said, I must make it clear I never agree with your view. Honestly!!” – Suzanne Neuman

“She started out making fun of Tim Pawlenty’s name, goes on to think Republicans’ children should be in the military, to making a case for something that happened when Romney was 16, mixing it up somehow with the abortion issue and ending up calling Republicans worshiping the ‘gilded class.'” –Marlis Laursoo

“I was sitting here trying to think of where I’d see writing like yours…other than in secret tomes out of Guantanamo…”-Abby Taylor

“You always have a bit of an attitude, an acerbic edge, but you are ultimately reasonable and I appreciate it.”-Matt Wixon

“Your political comments sting both sides of the ongoing debates about the war. That is a good sign of a truly good American, telling the leaders they both are wrong…. and right.” -William Dupuy (no relation)

“But her blog posts are humorous and on target. She writes better than many columnists.” -Michael Hussey in 2005

“Tina Dupuy has one of only three Internet blogs that I can read without consistently wanting to stab the person that wrote it. Even though I disagree with her quite a lot politically, I think she’s very witty and well versed. And she’s said nice things about me in the past, which, while it makes me doubt her sanity, I consider to be very sweet. So, Tina, consider yourself to be officially non-annoying. Congratulations.” –Comedian Brian Dowell

“You are one of the funniest bloggers around.” Nickie Goomba

“Tina Dupuy is among the smartest, funniest women I know. Scratch that. Among the smartest, funniest people I know. Her reading at my THINKING ALLOWED show at the IMPROV could not have been sharper. Dupuy might just be the one we’ve all been waiting for, the person who can bring gonzo journalism into the twenty-first century.” —Dylan Brody

“Tina is not merely funny, and not merely smart– she has the wit and will to make people think.” —Dave Saldana

“Whenever you are dreading reading about politics, check out Tina’s blogs because you will walk away a happier person.” Lydia Popp

“You sicken me…You should be ashamed of yourself.” -Anonymous troll