Stand Up, Sit Down, Do Your Civic Duty

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I consider myself to be a decent citizen. I vote. I recycle. I don’t litter. I yield to most pedestrian traffic. But when I got a notice that I was selected for jury service, I did what every red-blooded American does – I wondered if I should pretend it got lost in the mail. “Notice? […]

Breach Out and Touch Someone

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This ran in Newsday and the LA Daily News. Lets say you went to a restaurant. It’s your local place. You go there. The food is mediocre. The service is horrible. The wait time is ridiculous. The employees are incompetent. When you request to speak to a manager, they say they‘ll get back to you. […]

Here Comes the Neighborhood

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This was the piece in the Daily News… You used to be able to live in Los Angeles on the cheap. For struggling artists like me – it was ideal. You only needed one wardrobe (no winter coat necessary). Your heating costs were minimal. My horrible restaurant job provided health care. You could drive a […]

Mayor Babe

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This is the piece that ran in the LA Daily News… The Washington Post ran a story about our mayor! Our mayor! Us. Here in little old LA. We have made national headlines and the LAPD hasn’t even beaten anyone up…well nothing that’s made YouTube recently. This is exciting! I am of the opinion that […]

…Out of My Cold Dead Hands

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It takes nothing more than a large-scale massacre to get gun advocates “up in arms.” The police hadn’t even finished counting the bodies at Virginia Tech before pro-gun talking points were issued. And the message was, “Let’s not exploit this tragedy to bring up gun control.” Look, if 32 people all on the same campus, […]

First Amendment Day, Iowa State

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This was the line-up of political comedians for the event. Pictured (left to right) is Barry Crimmins, myself and Baratunde Thurston. Barry is a political satire LEGEND. You may know his work from when he wrote for Randi Rhodes on Air America. Buy his book. He’s amazing. He said something so stellar about me that […]

Don of Mass Hysteria

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Don Imus says that he’s not a racist. Perhaps he’s not. Perhaps he just did it for a paycheck. Perhaps he’s just the ‘gay for pay’ of bigots. Which is the equivalent of saying, “I’m not a slut – I’m a hooker!” Michael Richards, after squawking that his hecklers were ‘n-gg-rs’ that should be hanged […]