Tax War!

Americans used to buy savings bonds to support the war effort. These were securities liquidated after the war was over which ideally would spur an economic boom. During World War II, Defense Bonds, War Bonds and what was called Series E Savings Bonds offset the massive costs. The gush of liquidity after that war created… Continue reading

The Atlantic: The Man Behind Paul Ryan’s Budget Plan Got the Tax Cuts Wrong, Too

Ayn Rand fanboy and Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan (R) appears to have baffled the entire Beltway of blabbers into muttering monosyllabic loops of the words “brave” and “bold.” Yes, the House Budget Committee Chairman released his plan, The Path to Prosperity, and it is a shocker… especially if you’re not aware of the buzzword-laden 74-page… Continue reading

Loud, Bold and Wrong

We must love boisterous blowhards. As Americans, we are fixated on people who make loud, definitive declarations so we can stand behind them waving our oversized number-one foam-fingers chanting: “Go team! Win!” If you take away all the nebbishy number-crunching and bureaucracy – which is most of government – politics is all posturing and platitude… Continue reading

Wisconsin Going Forward

Wisconsin adopted “Forward” as their state motto in 1851. Sculptor Jean Pond Miner was commissioned to create a representation of her home state and in 1893 created a seven-foot tall bronze statue of a female figure bearing the state’s maxim. The Wisconsin Historical Society notes, “Forward is an allegory of devotion and progress, qualities Miner… Continue reading

Interview with E&P

This is from the March 2011 issue of Editor and Publisher. By Rob Tornoe An irreverent yet unassuming humorist, Tina Dupuy, syndicated by Cagle Cartoons, has been making waves in newspapers across the country since starting her weekly column back in 2010. An obsession with famed San Francisco Chronicle satirist Art Hoppe led Dupuy down… Continue reading