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Column: Congresspeople Unwilling to Work, Shall Not Eat!

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Are we a nation with a food shortage? No. Are we a nation with hungry people? Yes. Why? Good question. Conservatives used to admit amongst themselves—behind closed doors—that food stamps were a way to keep crime down; a cost-cutting alternative to incarceration which would pacify the hungry masses. That was when conservatives cared about costs, […]

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Column: Fix Congress: Overturn Vieth v. Jubelirer!

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OK House Republicans—I give up. Since you’ve been the majority the only thing you’ve accomplished is naming things after Reagan and voting to repeal Obamacare an unprecedented—let alone unreasonable—38 times. Seriously, you’ve done nothing. Even Congresses that set out to do nothing and were dubbed “Do-Nothing,” look like overachievers by comparison. Last Sunday on “Face […]

Column: Congress Has Munchausen by Proxy

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Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, now referred to as Factious Disorder by Proxy or FDbP, is where a parent or caretaker enjoys the attention of having a sick child so they exaggerate and sometimes induce their victim’s symptoms. Children are made to be sick; parents are given sympathy for their seeming stoicism. It’s adulation-seeking via child […]

Column: Beyond Broken: Congress is Morally Bankrupt

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I don’t really make predictions. But my prediction is in 10 years, we will all snidely refer to anything inept, broken, petty and lazy as like the 112th Congress. Coaches will yell it at their athletes when they’re falling behind, “Do you want people to call you the 112th?! Do you? Then get up and […]

Column: Despise Congress? We Are The 95%!

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Feign shock while you read this: the latest Rasmussen Reports survey finds just 5 percent of “Likely Voters rate the job Congress is doing as good or excellent.” Yes, 5 percent of Americans think Congress is doing a good job. Which means 5 percent of those polled didn’t understand the question. Right after taking his […]

Column: The 112th Congress and a Lot of Nothing

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In 1950 a largely unaccomplished lawmaker from Wisconsin, Senator Joe McCarthy, alleged that Commie sympathizers were infiltrating the U.S. Government and Hollywood. “Communist subversion!” was the claim; Red Scare, the aim. Televised hearings were held. Lives were ruined. No evidence of his accusations was found. McCarthyism, as it’s now known, is a blight in American […]

Attention Congress: Fix the Potholes

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It’s an odd Americanism to elect someone to be in government who freely admits they don’t like government. As if reluctance translates into competence. “Oh he’ll be a great husband, especially since he doesn’t believe in marriage.” For some reason, we buy the premise of politicians begging to be a part of the thing they […]

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Column: Josh Duggar and the End of the Anti-Gay Crusaders

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I’d like to come out as the first person on record to praise Josh Duggar, former Executive Director of FRC (Family Research Council) Action for his participation in the online infidelity community known as Ashley Madison. Here’s a guy—a reality TV star—who molested five young girls, four of whom were his sisters, and according to […]

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Column: Pro-Life is Anti-Gun

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First let me get this out of the way: I don’t agree with the pro-life position on abortion for two reasons. One: If abortion is criminalized, all women of child-bearing years legally become public incubators. The ability to bear children will mean being subjected to special scrutiny by the government. If you believe women are […]

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Column: Peace is Boring

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In all of America’s 239 years of existence, only roughly 20 of them have been without warfare of some kind. And no, those are not in a row. We’ve had one or two years, here and there, where we haven’t spent our time bombing foreign countries, bayoneting our brothers in hopes of keeping our slaves […]

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Column: Ms. Identity Politics

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Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina announced this week she’s running for president. She’s not the first woman ever to dive into the GOP’s Also-Ran Industrial Complex and (wink) attempt to become the (wink, wink) next president of the United States. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann won the Iowa Straw Poll last time around. So far, Carly’s the […]